Diary of a New Flight Instructor

By Robert Mark on May 12th, 2014

Pavoni - jetwhine.comI like hanging around with other flight instructors. Not only do they understand how an airplane flies, but they also know the intricacies of those dark corners of a flight envelope … things that can lead a new pilot down a rabbit hole of trouble if they’re not careful.

Good flight instructors also understand that while a syllabus is a valuable tool to keep both student and teacher focused on the goal … the checkride … instructors must understand the need for flexibility in the process because everyone doesn’t learn exactly the same way.

Dave Pavoni’s a new CFI at Morristown’s American Flyers. We spoke a few weeks ago about why he took the time to earn the rating, as well as what he’s learned about teaching people how to fly and how to keep them flying safely all their lives.

Give it a listen.


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Rob Mark, Publisher

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One Response to “Diary of a New Flight Instructor”

  1. Dr. Dave Says:

    Ya know.

    The one thing they never prepped you for was soloing your first student. MY first solo was not as nerve-wracking as having my first student up there on his own. That feeling of helplessness, the pit in the stomach, praying that nothing bad was going to happen.

    I should have known better though – Bob was ready 3 hours back (he knew it).

    He muffed the second landing but sucked it up, and by the numbers, went around just like I taught him.

    But he was my first and that will always be something that never leaves you.

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