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By Robert Mark on December 2nd, 2006

The G1 news website in Brazil posted an interview with the air traffic controller who was on duty when the Embraer Legacy and the Gol Airline Boeing 737 collided in late September.

While I will post more of this later, I think the controller’s final statement during the interview is the most compelling.

When asked their thoughts on the air traffic control system in Brazil, the reply was succinct. “The time bomb is ticking again,” was the reply. “And it will explode. It [the collision] happened once and it will happen again.”

Brazilian authorities fired the military head of ATC this week and agreed to hire 40 new controllers. Sources say this is not nearly enough people to cope with air traffic in the area.

The two U.S. pilots remain in custody pending someone trying to figure out a good enough reason to release them.


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