Union or Non-Union?

By Robert Mark on February 9th, 2007

Elsewhere on this blog we’ve been having an emotional discussion about unions, a topic that seems to draw no small amount of attention, no matter what the precise issue might be.

During the recent discussion on Jetwhine about the air traffic controller’s unionNATCA, a point was made that although NATCA has stumbled a bit recently, A union is better than NO union.

This piece came out just a bit ago about how Ryanair CEO Michael O’Leary plans to handle any infractions of that airline’s operating procedures.

Although many Ryanair pilots are members of the Irish Airline Pilots Association, not all are, nor do Ryanair pilots have a traditional union’s collective bargaining authority. Take a look at the covert technique Ryanair pilots use to stay in touch through the Irish ALPA website.

I’m thinking the Ryanair pilots wish they had a union right about now.


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