What’s Next for Delta?

By Robert Mark on February 5th, 2007

By now, everyone is actually glad the Delta/US Airways merger thing is off because we were all getting sick of listening to the two CEOs fight to be on top.

They should have tried that arm-wrestling technique Southwest Airlines Herb Kelleher used in 1992 with the CEO of Stevens Aviation over could use the Plane Smart tagline. I think Herb lost.

Airline management with a sense of humor … that must be an oxymoronic phrase.

Now that Delta and US Airways have stopped dating, the question is what next?

Surely, US Airways will be after another carrier soon.

Watch for Delta to become part of Northwest. It’s a good fit and there have already been talks.

Northwest has been a conglomeration of airlines all its life – Hughes AirWest, Republic, Southern, North Central – so what’s one more.

But what do you call a company that gobbles up the third largest airline … “Delwest,” or maybe “NorthDel?”

Wait, wait … I got it. Why don’t they call it Fred?

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One Response to “What’s Next for Delta?”

  1. Eric Says:

    I think you could call Delta/Northwest “The worst airline ever”. Northworst on Steroids. I live in Atlanta and it would be a disaster. Delta has its problems but not much of the union problems that NWA has had. To import that disaster to Delta would crater ATL.

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