Name the Airport … Win a Book

By Robert Mark on July 2nd, 2007

Oh what fun it is thinking of more interesting ways to get these brand new books out into the world.

But this time, a free copy of a Professional Pilot Career Guide will be headed to the first person who guesses the name of the airport where this new control tower enters service early next year. That probably means one chance in about 250 or so.

Need a hint? 

This airport has zero airline operations.

My only request is that you post your guess here on Jetwhine so everyone else can see what has already been tried.

Perhaps one of you eagle-eyed NATCA readers?

In case you’d rather forgo the agony of another night’s sleep lost trying to figure out the answer, visit the book’s website directly to order. All Jetwhine readers receive a $5 rebate with a book purchase. That’s just about enough to cover the shipping.

If you really, really can’t stand the suspense, e-mail me at and if your whine is really astounding, I’ll probably take pity on you and share the answer to the quiz … as long as you don’t squeal to anyone else.

Rob Mark

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4 Responses to “Name the Airport … Win a Book”

  1. Dave Byers Says:

    Could it be Oshkosh b’gosh (OSH)

    Fun fact…at one point they had the shortest commercial route you could book OSH to ATW (Appleton) in the lower 48…

    (there are some in AK that you can book just to span the water)


  2. Robert Mark Says:

    Experts, experts. Everyone is an expert.

    Nice job Dave.

    I thought for sure this was going to keep people guessing. Send me your address and I’ll get that book off to you.

    You can see the state of the new OSH tower at this year’s AirVenture located right next to the FAA building just a tad west of the current tower.

  3. GeraldZ Says:

    This is too easy. All you have to do is to right-click on the photo and view the properties. The file has “oshatct” in the name!

  4. Robert Mark Says:

    And I suppose you thought you’d win the book just for being clever huh?

    And you would have if you’d been first.

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