Pilots … Want Jobs … Must Travel

By Robert Mark on October 17th, 2007

There’s pilot shortage brewing. It’s began churning on the regional airline side of the industry as pilots bail out of flying little airplanes – sorry, RJs are still big to me – headed for the majors who – so far at least – have not had any trouble recruiting.

The vacuum at the regional airlines is more vast than most people realize with flight cancellations becoming commonplace.

If you’re on the lookout for your first airline job, or are ready to move up to the majors, peddle your way down to the Hyatt Regency DFW Airport on October 26th where FLTops.com is holding a job fair for both regional and major airline pilots.

The applicant must find their own way to DFW, but once they do, the fair is only 29 bucks for a regional pilot applicant and 89 for a major airline pilot.

Not sure where you fit?

It’s worth the entrance fee – and yes, even an airline ticket – just to find out because over 25 airlines will be in place at the hotel, most interviewing pilots on the spot or the next day.

This also offers you the opportunity to network with a few hundred other applicants to learn how their experience fits with what recruiters want.

More info at www.fltops.com/jobs or 888-LEFT-SEAT.



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One Response to “Pilots … Want Jobs … Must Travel”

  1. Norman Rhodes Says:

    When times are hard, you need to be a fetus with 2500hrs and an ATP. Now…. who knows, but Airlines queuing up to talk to pilots and interviewing on the spot? That’s… unusual. At least it is where I come from… but it is happening here too.

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