Environmentally Friendly Airplane Takes Flight

By Robert Mark on December 6th, 2007

I hope the folks in airplane towns like Wichita, Seattle and Duluth are prepared for what looks to be quite a few sleepless nights now that the world’s first flying machine constructed totally from recyclable materials has flown.

Built in a clandestine factory by aircraft designer Carl Rankin – the ecologically advanced Jules Verne as Rankin calls it – was recently flown from a top secret airfield to avoid the scrutiny of a skeptical press corp, except of course for the Boing, Boing TV folks. The Internet TV crew had been staking out the location for weeks in anticipation of the flight.

Watch closely as Rankin explains the intricacies of his design to reporter Xeni Jardin. And you’ll also find a few new ways of making a little bread attached at the end.

But just in case this amazing feet of aerodynamic design is not quite overwhelming enough, stop by Flying Puppets for another dose of the foam and tape Cub. Sorry Mr. Piper, but Rankin’s version is truly an airplane ready for today’s environment.

Don’t miss the RC Vulture and the Flying Flea at Flying Puppets too. Plans are available so don’t spend another second as a couch potato.


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