Happy Birthday Brian Power-Waters

By Robert Mark on December 19th, 2007

One of the huge benefits to being listed on Jetwhine’s blogroll is the personal attention we try to bring each and every member. Here’s a case in point.

bpwface2 Today is the 85th birthday of retired US Airways Captain Brian Power-Waters. He told me yesterday it’s been almost 30 years since he last flew an airliner, which is only slightly less time than I have in the air since my first solo. Thank goodness I know guys like him who can make even me feel young.93s

Honestly though, if you could hear the energy about the aviation industry that emanates from Brian every time I speak with him, you’d realize he’s just getting going at 85.

In case you don’t know recognize his name right off, Brian is the author of a number of aviation safety books. A former US Air Force pilot too – B-25, F-86, C-54 etc – his most recent book is  “93 Seconds to Disaster,” an investigative study of the the crash of American Airlines flight 587 on takeoff from JFK just weeks after the chaos of the 9/11 attacks in 2001. I’m just about finished reading this volume and plan to share some of my thoughts on it next week.

Brian’s other books include “Is It Safe?” “Danger in the Air,” “Margin for Error; None,” and “Safety Last.”

If you’re after a last minute Christmas gift for that aviation aficionado on your list, there’s still time to get one of Brian’s books sent to the right place by the holiday if you zip over to Amazon or Barnes & Noble.com.

And did I mention that at 85, Brian is still a world class weight lifter?

Who’s going to argue with a pilot like that? Why not send him an e-mail and say Happy Birthday Brian.


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