New Mexico Admits Existence of Alien Spacecraft

By Robert Mark on December 29th, 2007

A friend in DC just e-mailed this update to the Jetwhine news room.

From the wastelands of New Mexico comes the news – no, Eclipse is fine, for now.

This is certain to become THE news story of 2007, from the same state that brought you presidential candidate Bill Richardson.

New Mexico has finally gone public with documentation that proves the existence of the spacecraft we all knew the government  been hiding since the 40s. Jetwhine staffers have been unable to reach the candidate in Iowa for his perspective on the crisis.

Roswell Gaze now my friends upon the evidence attached here … a copy of a recently published navigational chart of the Roswell area printed by the State of New Mexico – proof positive that we have been visited by aliens and the folks in New Mexico have known all along (Note prominent spacecraft footprint on the chart).

This evidence does not confirm that the White House has any knowledge of the invasion of course. Press secretary Dana Perrino, in fact, reportedly did not recall any briefing about flying saucers since it would have occurred before she was born. The White House does not believe the saucers could be any more difficult to work around than UAVs.

At this time we are unable to confirm nor deny rumors that escapees from the Roswell NM saucer incident did indeed end up at 800 Independence Avenue although all evidence seems to point to that conclusion.

Maybe you have some final piece of evidence to add to the puzzle. Send it along to And Mr. Richardson … if you have information on this national security threat prior to the caucuses next week, please ring my office at 800-579-6787.

In the meantime, I’m going out to polish up my flying saucer in time for spring. I just love the way the reflection of the morning sun almost blinds me after I’ve added a little elbow grease.

Happy New Year yawl.

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3 Responses to “New Mexico Admits Existence of Alien Spacecraft”

  1. Brian Lusk Says:

    Gee, that silhouette looks like a cross between an RAF Vulcan and the Space Shuttle.

  2. Robert Mark Says:

    The real question is did they get it from us or did we get it from them?

  3. Brian Lusk Says:

    Hmmm, interstellar aliens at an English aircraft manufacturer. It’s possible just look at the Princess flying boat or the Brabazon airliner.

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