Southwest Airlines … Thank You

By Robert Mark on December 23rd, 2007

As Friday’s Jetwhine posts proves yet again, I simply love to tweak the nose of practically every airline in the U.S. They just give us so bloggers so much ammunition.mh_logo I can’t seem to help myself.

It’s always been tough to say anything ugly about Southwest though. OK, maybe the dress code thing last summer came pretty close.

After Friday’s announcement that Southwest would fly home 171 soldiers for the holidays – free of charge – there’s not much you can say except thanks to Colleen Barrett and the thousands of other people who operate an airline with something no other carrier seems to think is important … a conscience … a soul … a feeling that the people they carry are just that, people … not stuff.

Here’s the gist of the Southwest News Release …

Southwest Airlines will fly 171 Texas Army National Guard soldiers from North Carolina to Texas on Sunday, Dec. 23. The 436th Chemical Company of the Texas Army National Guard is stationed at Fort Bragg, North Carolina, waiting for deployment to Afghanistan. They recently got news that their deployment has been delayed, so now they are able to spend the holidays with their families, and Southwest Airlines is making it possible! The soldiers will arrive in Austin, Dallas, and San Antonio on Sunday courtesy of Southwest. Southwest Airlines Employees and Customers will be alongside their families to welcome home the soldiers!

Thanks folks!


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2 Responses to “Southwest Airlines … Thank You”

  1. Brian Lusk Says:

    Merry Christmas to you Robert! From the folks at Nuts About Southwest.

  2. Eric Says:

    This is awesome. SWA will find that its just smart business. Everything from the good publicity to the extreme loyalty 171 customers and their families will have to the airline.

    Really good show on the part of Southwest.


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