Aviation’s Favorite Blog Jetwhine Welcomes A Real Expert … Mr. Know It All

By Robert Mark on January 30th, 2008

Hello Jetwhine readers. Today we’re going to light up those little capillaries inside your cranium. Mr. Know it allYou all think you’re so smart don’t you? Well, here’s your chance to prove how much you know about aviation, general aviation specifically today.

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First the prize … a copy of Robert Mark’s new book, a Professional Pilot Career Guide, goes to the person who correctly answers this question.

“What aircraft was also known as a Mescalero?”

Sorry, no hints. We’ve been chastised for making these too easy anyway.

Put on those thinking caps and start typing ASAP and a copy of this awesome new book could well be yours. And no, there is no truth to the rumor that this author’s wife has made threatening remarks about his future on Earth if he fails to rid their basement of all the boxes of these volumes there gathering dust.

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23 Responses to “Aviation’s Favorite Blog Jetwhine Welcomes A Real Expert … Mr. Know It All”

  1. Rick Cot Says:

    Mescalero – AKA T-41 which is the military version of the Cessna 172.

    IFIRC, its the same airplane except that the > T-41 comes with 180hp vs the 160hp in the 172.

    How’s that for being a know it all? :^o

  2. Robert Mark Says:

    Man oh man. You guys didn’t even let me finish lunch before you came up with the correct answer.

    I’m going to talk to my friends at Southwest Airlines.

    Now those folks know how to develop questions!!

    Why not send me a private e-mail Rick to rob@jetwhine.com with your mailing address and Mr. Know it All will ship you a book.

    Thanks for playing.

  3. John Mahany Says:

    Hey Rob, is it the Cessna 172?

  4. Thierry Says:

    Cessna T41A Mescaralo US Air Force basically a Cessna 172

  5. Steve Sandler Says:

    The Cessna T-41 was the Mescalero

  6. Phil Yoder Says:

    The cessna T-41 was also known as the Mescalero

  7. Oz Says:

    The Mescalero was/is a Cessna made for the Air Force. Designation is T41.

  8. L1011 Jock Says:

    Cessna T-41 Mescalero, a modified 60’s vintage C-172 built to the specifications of the USAF for usea as a pilot screening and aeroclub airplane. It had differing horspower depending on the model suffix.

  9. Alan J Says:

    Dear Mr. Mark:

    The Mescalero is (was) the military version of the trusty C-172.

  10. Dave Byers Says:

    That would be the USAF version of the C-172 Skyhawk – used for UPT screening

    PS I cheated and used google.

  11. DDcraner Says:

    You maybe already have a winner, but the Mescalero is a Cessna T-41

  12. Neace Says:

    Military Cessna 172 is also know as Mescalero

  13. Turge Says:

    Cessna t-41 trainer…(172)

  14. Rob Mark Says:

    OK, OK … so you’re all really smart.

    How about if one of you give me a couple of quiz questions or two that everyone can’t figure out with Google?

    You know, the old fashioned way … it’s stored somewhere in your gray matter …!

  15. John Mahany Says:

    Ok, Rob, you’re on! Will see if I can come up with anything…

  16. Robert Mark Says:

    So here’s the deal you guys – generically of course – if one of you comes up with a really great blog question, Jetwhine will offer some really nifty prize that you can’t live without.

    And if you stump everyone, you win a free subscription to Jetwhine too.

    Now how’s that for a deal?

  17. Makovec Says:

    T-41, military trainer version of the Cessna 172

  18. Leroy Cook Says:

    I was intrigued by your query about the Mescalero.

    That was Cessna’s off-the-shelf trainer for the Army, the T-41B, which was a more-or-less stock R172 Reims Rocket, a 172 powered by a Skymaster’s IO-360 Continental.

  19. Robert Mark Says:

    Now there’s something I certainly didn’t know.

    The Mescalero had a Skymaster engine in it? That’s 210 HP I think.

    That think woould go vertical with a single person I bet.

  20. Walt Shiel Says:

    OK, looks like it’s time to clear up several misconceptions about the US military’s use of the ubiquitous Cessna 172.

    There were essentially four models of the 172 purchases by the US military:

    T-41A: 242 bought by USAF in 1964-70 (some were delivered to other countries under MAP). Delivered with 145 hp O-300-D engine

    T-41B: 255 purchased by US Army in 1966-67 (some delivered to other countries under MAP). Its 210 hp IO-360D with constant speed prop makes it a snappy 172! Lots of other Army-specific mods that make it a very nice package and hardly a stock 172 of any kind (it’s official Cessna nomenclature is R172E).

    T-41C: 52 purchased by USAF strictly for use at the USAF Academy at mile-high Falcon Field. Used the 210 hp IO-360-D with a fixed pitch prop (later mod included a barometric-sensing mixture control for those high-alt takeoffs).

    T-41D: 317 delivered by foreign air forces, although only 218 had USAF s/n assigned.

    While a USAF pilot in ATC in a prior life, I flew the A, B and C models (flying the B was a ferry mission for the Army). I also was one of the original cadre of five USAF IPs who set up the Flight Screening Program at Hondo, TX, in 1973. When I left Hondo in 1976, I was the Chief of Standardization/Evaluation for the program.

    I am also the author of “Cessna Warbirds” and co-author of “T-41 Mescalero” .


  21. Walt Shiel Says:

    Oh, one more thing. Officially, the only T-41 ever designated the Mescalero by the US military was the Army T-41B (goes with the other Army Indian-tribe names for aircraft).

    However, we in the USAF unofficially adopted that name in lieu of any official USAF designation.


  22. John Steiner Says:

    The T-41B was the second aircraft that I ever flew after getting my private pilot license in a C-150 while a member of the Ft. Lee Flying Club. They had two T-41B aircraft, N31FL and N33FL and they we quite a jump from a C-150. In fact when I finally did fly a C-172 it was such a comedown from the constant-speed prop and 210 HP T-41B

  23. washington state election results Says:

    Hey Rob, is it the Cessna 172?

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