Aviation Blog Fest at AirVenture 2008

By Robert Mark on March 31st, 2008

Come July of this year, aviation bloggers will find it impossible not to answer the call to our Mecca for the first Aviation Blog Fest in history – I think. 

In addition to a chance to hang out with many other very cool aviation bloggers and readers from around the globe, we’ll kick back and have some airplane fun since the fest just happens to take place during EAA’s AirVenture 2008 in Oshkosh Wisconsin. Airventure begins Monday July 28th and runs through Sunday August 3rd. 5_AirVenture_Cup_CMM

Imagine the fun of slogging down a cold drink under a blistering Wisconsin summer sun while you listen to aviation aficionados talk about everything and nothing all at the same time. We’re going to have a few very special guests join us, so keep that week open.

As the date draws closer we’ll firm up the times and specific locations on the Wittman Airport grounds. Right now, the EAA folks have not yet confirmed the time slot for the actual forum on the grounds, but I know we’ll certainly be having a Aviation Blog Fest barbecue courtesy of Jetwhine and a few additional sponsors.

I’m still in the market for a volunteer or two to help me keep things organized, so if you want to lend a hand, chime in. skywriting07But if it were me, I’d send a private e-mail volunteering for Aviation Blog Fest 2008. Post a public note here and you’re name will never be forgotten, especially if you agree to furnish the charcoal and then come down with a sniffly cold at the last minute. Stretchers to the fest will be provided for those who need them.

No sir – Aviation Blog Fest 2008 is only for real bloggers, people unafraid to post on a moment’s notice. Imagine live blogging from the first airshow with photos. Now that would be a feat. Or how about telling the world about a Bob Hoover event as it’s happening. We’ll be podcasting too for those of you daring enough to watch.

Seriously, Aviation Blog Fest 2008 is open to anyone who has ever read or written a blog, or who just wants to find out what all the hoopla’s about.

July 28 to August 3, AirVenture and Aviation Blog Fest 2008.

Be there or be square! RSVPs as we get closer to summer, but mark those calendars. You won’t be able to sleep for weeks if you miss this incredible event.

PS – volunteers and donations of all kinds will cheerfully be accepted.

See you there.

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4 Responses to “Aviation Blog Fest at AirVenture 2008”

  1. Todd Says:

    Rob – I hope to make it. Let me know once you firm up a date and time! Let me know how I can help as well.

  2. Midway Six Says:

    Name the time and place, and I’ll be there!

    Midway Six
    Always Vigilant – Never Boring.

  3. Robert Mark Says:

    The word will be given soon … I hope. Waiting on the EAA folks.

    Thanks for the note.


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