Jetwhine Welcomes Papua New Guinea

By Robert Mark on June 15th, 2008

Bloggers think they know everything. Or at least that’s what we believe when we get started as bloggers. Once we really get up a good head of blogger steam though, we realize just how little of a good blog is about us and how much of it is about the people we meet along the journey.

A friend – Thierry Pouille – e-mailed me today from Dubai, his current stop on an around-the-world journey with a group of other pilots in a PC 12, a TBM 700, a Conquest, a Turbine Royal Duke and a Citation Mustang. I’ll be blogging more about this next week, but am I ever glad to hear someone I’ve gotten to know better through this media is involved with something so cool.

I never cease to be amazed at the places on the globe people tune in to Jetwhine from, 92 different countries to date according to the Google software we have installed.

New Guinea

But here’s one of the most amazing locations. Jetwhine picked up its first reader from Papua New Guinea last week … from Port Moresby to be precise. Near north of Australia, this is about as far away as an aviation buff can possibly be from Jetwhine’s home outside Chicago.

The one thing our mapping software does not tell us is the name of the person who recently visited the blog from this far off reach of the globe. That’s probably more to protect them from our gab than anything else I bet. Maybe we’ll all connect at AirVenture … hint, hint.

Be that as it may … a big Jetwhine welcome to you … that aviation blog fan in the far reaches of the South Pacific where I bet the weather is wonderful. Here in Chicago, we’ve had our three days of Spring and have already moved directly into summer with 92 degrees and massive thunderstorms.

Finding messages from people tuning in from around the globe is what makes blogging such an exciting obsession. And it’s why more business people are adding social media to their mix, or at least thinking about it. Who knows what can happen when people from the farthest reaches of the globe talk to each other about whatever aviation topic happens to pop into their heads.

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  1. Eric Says:

    Hey maybe it was an American on vacation? It was probably somebody from Naperville on a scuba trip. :-)


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