Business Aviation vs. the Airlines

By Robert Mark on July 9th, 2008

Those of us who have either flown business airplanes or have been lucky enough to travel in the back – a few of us qualify for both – are light years ahead of the people we are still trying to convince about the value of personal air travel over the chaos of traveling on board the airlines, despite yesterday’s Jetwhine post on Virgin America.Mustang

As a corporate pilot, I can tell you that there is no greater Hell on Earth than making us travel on the airlines because we realize how much better air travel can be.

In the past few years, the thousands of business airplanes being delivered attest to the fact that travelers around the world are catching on to the benefits of air travel that keeps them as far away from an airline hub airport as possible.

Here’s a great little video clip the Cessna folks sent me that you absolutely must pass on to anyone who has ever wondered how or why a business airplane is a better way to travel. Enjoy.

And when you think new media like this YouTube clip, be sure and jot down the Jetwhine Blogger Fest at AirVenture, July 28, 4 PM at the GAMA bldg. We’ll be Twittering on the “airventure” ID as well. See you all there.


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