Flying Snoopy’s New Airship

By Robert Mark on August 22nd, 2008

Finally, a topic I know almost nothing about … flying a blimp, or as it is more commonly known in FAA language, an airship.

This well-produced short video tour and introductory flying lesson of the newest of the MetLife airships, the Snoopy 3, is narrated by airship pilot Charlie

Watching the Goodyear blimp at AirVenture a few weeks ago makes me sure this piece of video is worth the 3 minutes it will take to watch it.

A light sport aircraft it isn’t. In fact, this is nothing like flying an airplane.



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One Response to “Flying Snoopy’s New Airship”

  1. Ryan Keough Says:

    My big question is — just where does one go to get trained to fly a blimp? And for that matter, does one get hired to fly a blimp first and then get trained, or do you need to come to the table with the rating first then get hired?

    I personally think it would be really fun to fly one!

    Ryan K.
    Arizona Keough –

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