Social Media Gets Serious at AirVenture

By Robert Mark on July 29th, 2009

IMG_0126 Broadcasting from high atop the massive MyTransponder mobile HQ the other night on the grounds at AirVenture 2009, I managed to add my two cents to a pretty nice Episode 58 of the Airplane Geeks podcast that I now co-host with Max Flight and Dan Webb.

Those digs – a huge RV actually – were nice too – probably bigger than my first apartment – and are well planted at the corner of Lindbergh and 13th in EAA campgrounds. Remember that address. It will be important in a bit.

During the show, a guy comes up and says howdy. Turns out it was Will Hawkins from WILCO Films, the guy whose new film A Pilot’s Story is nearing completion. He even stopped to show me a few of the really astounding trailers for the film they’ll be showing here on Friday.

Twitter has been alive with news about AirVenture from everyone who has been using this new communications tool precisely the way it was designed, as a short-form news update system. If you’re not on Twitter yet, do it now. It’s free. Visit and pick up an ID and just listen in until you figure it all out.

The Party

So time for a little give back to all the folks I’ve talked to and with over the past year, all the folks who who Re-Tweeted all the bits I’ve sent out, as well as those who read this blog and tell their friends.

If you’re a social media aficionado at AirVenture, join us for a little get together tomorrow night at the MyTransponder mobile HQ at 13th and Lindbergh. We’ll have a few brews and some lively chatter with a whole bunch of other people who share your interests … aviation and social media.

IMG_0106 It starts at 8 pm and runs until we can’t talk any longer. If you need help finding the place, send me a Tweet at “jetwhine,” or call my cell at 847-644-1575.

Want to bring a donation to help fund the MyTransponder cause. Much appreciated. Want to bring something to wet your whistle too, also much appreciated.

And the best part of the evening, is that everyone leaves with a Jetwhine button. If that doesn’t make you show up, I can’t imagine what else will. See you there.

Rob Mark


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3 Responses to “Social Media Gets Serious at AirVenture”

  1. Patrick Flannigan Says:

    All the tweets from Oshkosh really brings the event to life for me stuck back at home. Wish I could be there for all the tweetups. Maybe next year, or even Sun N Fun!

  2. Todd Says:

    I should be arriving earlier in the afternoon. Looking forward to the meetup tomorrow night. See you then.

  3. Charlene Gervais Says:

    Hey Rob – I don’t think I ever said thanks for the party.

    So… thanks for the party!

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