Oshkosh, the Verb

By Robert Mark on July 30th, 2010

Sometimes we bloggers simply talk too much trying to express how we feel about something like AirVenture when simply letting the story tell itself works much better.

With that clever insight in mind, may I present for your review, a few photos that made me realize what a special place – what a special experience – traveling to this town is each and every year. Hint: It’s the people!

Rob Mark, editor

tupperAirspeed Editor Steve Tupper prepares a special brew at the Sennheiser, Jetwhine, MyTransponder party Thursday night




The week started out a tad wet. Forget tad, it was a watery mess and will surely affect overall attendance figures

Monets Father and son management team – John (l), Jeremy (r) at Sonex Aircraft that won a portion of the Lindberg prize for their electric aircraft initiative



Cessna’s skunk works never would acknowledge this as their next generation project, code name Groundcatcher

food Ohhh, da food!

Jetwhine editor1


Not surprisingly, Jetwhine’s editor did battle on Flight Sim with opponents he had  a chance of defeating (he didn’t win BTW)

jetwhine editor 2


See previous shot for details!

pink shirts


FAA’s infamous Pink Shirt controllers at Fisk Approach Control, or as they call it,  the “RayCon”



My old airplane … sniff



Women in Aviation breakfast with EAA’s Elissa Lines (l) and WAI president Peggy Chabrian


North American F-100 cockpit just the way I remember it from my early Air Force days in the 60s

Cessna Tweet

And oh, the Tweet Ups


More crazies at the Sennheiser, Jetwhine, MyTransponder Tweet Up


FlyAbout Director Monika Petrillo

Bob Richards


Bob Richards, former ORD air traffic controller, author of Secrets from the Tower and current media lunatic. He also reportedly never recovered from having Jetwhine’s editor as a trainer in the FAA.


Retiring EAA President Tom Poberezny’s infamous scout car, “Red Three”



What would AirVenture be without the kids?


Cessna Hat

And finally, Jetwhine’s editor shows off his new Cessna straw hat. Thank you Bob Stangarone!

AirVenture 2011 begins in 368 days. See you next year.



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  1. Bob Jones Says:

    $#% years in aviation and I have never been to Oshkosh! I think it is time for BobWhine – Boss, I Want To Go Next Year!!!!!

  2. Best of the Web - Golf Hotel Whiskey Says:

    […] anywhere has posted a great short video featuring the aircraft from the show and Robert Mark has posted a compilation of pictures showing the people who are in attendance.     […]

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