GE Aviation: A Little Brand Fun

By Robert Mark on August 4th, 2011

Although most of my AirVenture 2011 time was spent getting the Wittman Airport social media presence up and running at, I did leave a little time for some of the more offbeat kinds of fun to be had around the show.

This year’s award for the Best of Show for Computer Geeks – especially since Microsoft stopped attending with Flight Sim products – must go to GE Aviation and their Future Flight, Terminal Command game.

Neil Siddons (@neilsiddons) and his AirVenture social media marketing communications team – Hi Audrey and Eden (@geaviation) – have a firm grasp on how the rest of us New-Age Marcom Geeks think and gather information. So rather than tell me about some of GE Aviation new products with a bunch of press releases I’d never read anyway – sorry, nothing personal here – the company built Terminal Command to demonstrate just how tough running an airport cab be – especially a number of busy gates with at times annoyingly demanding pilots.

The game is simple enough to operate by dragging and dropping items with a mouse, while watching for a variety of color and mood changes on the screen … or at least I thought it would be a piece of cake at least. Your results may vary, of course, since you can play Terminal Command at home right here. Neil says an iPhone app version might just be in the works too.

But rather than share the entire experience in writing, give a listen to the quick chat I had with Neil about the why behind Terminal Command, as well as a live demonstration of my first day as a ramp manager.

Rob Mark – Publisher


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