Our Monkey Speaks About Your Jetwhine Subscription

By Robert Mark on January 9th, 2012

In case today’s title has you wondering, don’t worry. We haven’t decided to farm our content production out to a cheap, new labor source.

In 5 and a half years of writing Jetwhine, the world has continued to evolve around us although the look of Jetwhine has remained unchanged. technology has not obviously not remained static. The pace of the changes to the technology that support social media behind the scenes however, has been almost enough to make my eyes glaze over at times. And my point is what you’re probably asking about now.

One item long in need of an update here at Jetwhine is our subscription database system … a weakness pointed out a few weeks back by a few of our ever-vigilant subscribers … two folks at AOPA in this case. You know them … best $45 bucks you’ll spend each year.

For you as a reader there is very little if anything to do about our new database … except one. We’d very much appreciate you resubscribing to Jetwhine to verify that everyone has made it over to the new list manager.

Will you please take just a moment and type your e-mail in the box to the upper right of this post, or verify the RSS feed is still connected at your end? If you do, you’ll have made both mine and Scott Spangler ‘s day and we can get back to our real job … providing you the best insights into the aviation industry available anywhere.

As always, if you have a friend who would benefit from reading Jetwhine — and who wouldn’t of course — we’d also be appreciative of you passing on this post about subscribing along with your personal endorsement.

Disclaimer: No chimps were harmed, nor overworked in the production of this post.


Rob Mark, publisher


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2 Responses to “Our Monkey Speaks About Your Jetwhine Subscription”

  1. Bill Kempthorne Says:

    The MailChimp form seems to have a problem with Canadian Addresses … https://skitch.com/wakemp/gat77/jetwhine

  2. Robert Mark Says:

    And just when I think we’ve fed our monkey enough bananas to keep him happy comes word that some of you were having trouble getting him to accept your sign-up info.

    Our apologies.

    You should be able to click on the graphic in the story itself to take you to the sign-up page OR choose to enter your e-mail in the signup box at the top right of our home page.

    If neither of those options work, we’d appreciate you letting us all know in an e-mail to rmark@commavia.com and we’ll add you manually … and then have a serious chat with the chimp about his embarrassing behavior.



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