LeTourneau Aviators Promote Female Flyers

By Scott Spangler on March 11th, 2014
Le Tourneau University introduces 6th grade girls to aviation opportunities.

In case you missed it, last week was Women in Aviation Worldwide Week, and this past weekend Women in Aviation International held its 25th annual International Women in Aviation Conference at Disney’s Coronado Spring Resort in Orlando, Florida. Both activities share the common goal of increasing the number of female flyers, and this includes getting more females involved in all aspects of aviation.

These international events inspire others to get involved in the effort at a local level where individual women in aviation inspire the next generation face-to-face in hands-on activities. The best example I’ve seen so far occurred at the LeTourneau University’s School of Aeronautical Science, where CFI Lee Foster introduced 6th grade girls to the thrill of flight.

The school’s blog provided the details of the day in Incredible Women in Aviation, but the priceless message of the experience comes about halfway through the video. The student’s wide-eye surprise when the Cessna 172R lifted off the runway conveyed more than words could express. If there is anything that can get people interested in aviation, and keep them interested, it is seeking out and pursuing exciting revelations that make a person’s eyes grow wide.

This experience is surely different for everyone, so why not start by sharing the aspect of aviation that still makes your eyes reveal your enjoyment of it. –Scott Spangler, Editor


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