Is Fresh Evidence About MH370 Another Wild Goose Chase?

By Robert Mark on June 23rd, 2014

fresh evidence in the disappearance of MH370 - The Aviation Minute

Fresh evidence has been uncovered in the disappearance of Malaysian flight 370 (MH370) according to The Telegraph of London. To date, there hasn’t been one single shred of physical evidence that proves any of the dozen or so theories about what happened aboard that airplane less than an hour after it departed Kuala Lampur in March. The mystery was never solved, just put on hold.

Then last Friday, a media note surfaced in Australia that said MH370 searchers were again altering the search area for the airplane to another part of the South Indian Ocean based on some undefined new analysis. Yesterday’s Telegraph story again pointed the possible finger of responsibility at the captain of the 777,  Zaharie Shah and his flight simulator.

The Aviation Minute

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Rob Mark, Publisher

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2 Responses to “Is Fresh Evidence About MH370 Another Wild Goose Chase?”

  1. Jamie Dodson Says:

    Sage words, Rob. The Captain deleted files of flight sim a landing attempts on the small Indian Ocean island? Whoa! I so hope we can find the plane and those people even if dead. The families need the closure.

  2. jim denike Says:

    Wonder why no one has commented on the fact that the first course MH370 took when it deviated from filed track was due west, as in Gone West. That may have been a message in itself that the pilot in control at the time was soon going to die, possibly as a suicide.

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