Want to Fly at AirVenture?

By Robert Mark on July 21st, 2016

redbird ldWant to Fly at Airventure?

Is there anything sadder than a bunch of pilots standing around watching a handful of other aviators fly past looking like they’re having all the fun? Ho hum.

But it happens to all of us at AirVenture … every single year.

But this year, there is an option sure to plant a big smile on the face of any aviator, even if you’re only a student pilot … a visit to the EAA’s Pilot Proficiency Center at Four Corners, right in the middle of all the AirVenture action.

Inside you’ll find three dozen or so volunteer instructors – me included – just waiting to guide you through any of the 31 aviation adventures pre-programmed into one of the 14 Redbirds simulators on hand. Because we know that scenario-PPCbased flight training yields the best pilots, we’re offering you a chance to really improve your stick and rudder skills flying the simulator’s Cessna 172 down to a soft landing on a 40-foot wide runway with a crosswind, or into a small grass strip surrounded by hills, or try an IFR approach to minimums at Long Beach, or practice
accuracy landings for The Ohio State competition or fly an actual missed approach at John Wayne airport and … and … I need a break.

There are simply too many great flying adventures to try and name them all. And all you need to do is step through the door of the Pilot Proficiency Center between 9 am and 5 pm. Best of all, everything is free, although flying is scheduled on a first come first serve basis.

As if the chance to try a few incredible flying adventures, one-on-one with some of the best instructors around for guidance might not be enough for some, those of you lucky enough to fly with me will leave wearing one of our coveted Jetwhine Jetwhine Buttonbuttons … OK, I think they should be coveted, but I’m biased. I’m only volunteering for the PPC’s afternoon shifts, but if you find me somewhere on the EAA grounds through Twitter @jetwhine, I’ll betcha I can rustle up a few Jetwhine buttons for you too.

Here’s a little more PPC info as Flying magazine saw it.

See you next week at #OSH16

Rob Mark, Publisher


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