Micah Engber – Contributor

Micah Engber – Contributor

Micah’s contributions to Jetwhine include both anecdotal stories and opinion pieces in which he shares the joys and wonder of aviation in a manner which often includes an unexpected twist of humor, appreciated and enjoyed by both experts and laymen alike. Micah’s features and commentaries engage his audience not just with aviation facts, but by relating feelings and sensitivities that touch the hearts and minds of readers of all ages. Through his life long love of flight, Micah brings both fact based and emotional content to all things aviation, conveying ideas in a manner unique and often atypical in aviation reporting.

In addition to Jetwhine, Micah Engber has been Contributor-at-Large for The Airplane Geeks podcast for many years. He is also a regular contributor to several other international podcasts including The Airline Pilot Guy, Plane Talking UK, and The Plane Safety Podcast among others.

Micah is based in Portland, Maine and is often referred to as our Main(e) man. He discovered his love of all things airplane even before he discovered girls. The son of an airplane geek mother and father, Micah’s first flight was at 13 years old when he flew from New York City to New Orleans with his then 73 year old grandfather (Coincidentally his grandfather’s first flight too).

As a self taught airplane geek, Micah is recognized internationally as having a vast broad based knowledge of aviation, with expertise in military and commercial aeronautics as well an extensive familiarity with general aviation and rotor-wing craft.

Connect with Micah at micah@airplanegeeks.com or on Twitter @mainefly.