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Emerging Very Light Jet (VLJ) Mentoring Practices

“Emerging Very Light Jet (VLJ) Mentoring Practices (Rev 5.0),” International VLJ Training Stakeholders Discussion Group, 13 June 2008.

This 23 page document summarizes stakeholder comments between 13 June and 4 September 2008.  It begins with a description of current VLJ mentoring practices under the heading: “This is the way it’s happening in real life … is everyone happy with this?”

Topics include: FAR 61.63 applicability; SOE, IOE, and mentoring defined; implications of using the Airplane Flight Manual to control training; weaknesses of current training requirements; pilot experience issues; and lack of regulatory harmonization.

(File: VLJ Mentoring Practices, rev 5.0, 13 Jun 08)