The VLJ Training Experience to Date: Failures and Successes

“AThe VLJ Training Experience to Date: Failures and Successes,” Royal Aeronautical Society, London, March 2009.

Many view the very light jet (VLJ) as a personal transportation innovation; while others see it as merely an extension of current product lines.  Most seem to agree, however, that it will open turbine operations to a large group of general aviation pilots who operate independently.  At what point and with what training will they become competent in a particular class of aircraft?  And, how can their personal learning experiences be continued year after year?  Eclipse tried an innovative training approach for its customers but that company is now out of business.  Will other manufacturers follow its lead or continue to train to the regulatory minimum requirements which many describe as out-dated?  We’ve seen both training failures and successes but what have we learned?  This paper reviews human factors issues in aircraft certification, pilot training/licensing concerns, training program design, use of simulation, and training program validation.

(File: Barnes, VLJ Trng Experience, RAeS, March 09 (Handout))