Blogging worries me

By Robert Mark on October 30th, 2006

If the key to writing about anything is to add to the body of knowledge in the world that attempts to persuade people to do or not do something, it would seem the critical element – other than laying down some insightful prose that is – would be to guarantee that customers have an opportunity to read those words.

And that’s where blogging troubles me.

As only a recent convert to the capabilities of this technology, it is also clear that we certainly don’t ever want to replace newspapers.

The good news about the RSS feed that brings highly focused, customer-chosen news right to your desk is just that … it brings into your computer only the news stories and blog entries that specifically meet the requirements you’ve selected.

While that may at first appear not simply convenient, but downright critical in the junk-mail strewn web of today, it also significantly reduces the opportunity to read and learn from a story with a topic different from your guidelines. I wish I had a dime for every lesson in life I’ve learned from a story I read in the New York Times, or The Wall Street Journal or the Minneapolis Star Tribune that did not deal with aviation.

I only read them because something about the headline caught my eye when I was reading about something else.

How do we keep adding to our knowledge base and not lock ourselves up even more tightly inside the little silos we’ve created out of the world?

And BTW, without adding an editorial comment, have you visited Second Life yet? This is where more than a million and a half people around the globe have chosen to spend their free time. And before you make the same mistake I did with your kids, yes, there is a much milder version at Teen Second Life.

Rob Mark

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