California Bob and Air Traffic Control

By Robert Mark on March 8th, 2008

It really is becoming an annoying fact of my life that whenever someone mentions TV, radio and air traffic control, my friend Bob Richards seems to be in the middle. The guy is just everywhere!

Bob is the author of a book – Secrets from the Tower – that we’ve talked about before here at Jetwhine. It’s based on his experiences as a controller at Chicago’s O’Hare tower.windowslivewriterairtrafficcontrolcaliforniabob-8cf1covers-thumb41

Despite the fact that we worked together as controllers 25 years ago – we used to call him California Bob then – he has managed to comfortably assume this rock-star persona. Here’s one more dog-gone example of his ease in front of the camera explaining air traffic control and the nation’s airspace system to MSNBC’s Lester Holt. This is the perfect link to share with friends who may not understand much about how the system works. Bob did a really great job here.

Now if I could just get him to help promote my books when he’s on TV!

And here’s a trivia question for you smarty pants out there.

Lester Holt has a brother who used to fly for a major airline. Can you tell me what airline? We’ll figure out the prize later.


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