Amazing new Aviation Manufacturing System Revealed

By Robert Mark on December 28th, 2008

Rob Mark

Photo by Ken DeJarlais So here we are, nearly ready to turn off the lights on 2008 in order to be prepared to bring them up on 2009 and all of it happening as economies all over the world unravel. The aviation manufacturing industry has not been immune to the highs and lows of the market. Just ask Boeing, Cirrus, Cessna, Eclipse and a few more. Most all have sent workers home on temporary or permanent leave. And now comes word from a former industry contact Bob Dourlain who  has been lucky enough to uncover a successful new technique that could well bring any or all of these companies back into the black.

The secret to building more efficiently is so simple that most people will be unable to conceal their glee at the discovery. The answer, as Boeing here has discovered … work faster.


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3 Responses to “Amazing new Aviation Manufacturing System Revealed”

  1. Jeffrey Sigmon Says:

    It’s unbelievable how something so massive can be put together and defy gravity!

  2. Smitty Says:

    Very interesting article. Thanks!

  3. Max Flight Says:

    We (myself included) like to rag on Boeing and Airbus for 787 and A380 delivery problems, but as this video hints at, these things are enormously complex. Boeing has certainly had a lot of time to perfect the flow of components and subsequent assembly into a 777.

    Now imagine doing the same with something completely new. Something, say, as large as the A380. Or something made out of a different material, like the 787. If the airframers got it perfectly right the first few times through, it would be a near miracle.

    Probably we should give them an editorial break. Soon enough Boeing will be able to produce a similar video of a Dreamliner assembly. One where the components arrive just in time, not late. And the proper fasteners are correctly installed. And so on.

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