Why Being Geeky is Cool

By Robert Mark on October 15th, 2009

airplane geeks

Most of you probably know that a few months back I was abducted at propeller point and forced to assume co-host duties at the Airplane Geeks. About that same time, I met Dan Webb, my other co-host, a truly brilliant young man who continues to impress me with his knowledge of the financial side of the airline industry. Of course, I don’t can’t ignore my co-host Max Flight, one of the initial brains behind the Geeks Show. Without his dedication to professional production editing, our show be nowhere. Then, of course, there’s our newest recruit, historian David Vanderhoof, not to mention Steve and Grant at the Airplane Geeks Australia Desk.

So here’s my problem.

In some of the most recent episodes of Airplane Geeks, I’ve been accused of blatant self promotion and a total lack of understanding about the fine line between truly funny radio and lame humor. I want it known right here and now, that if you do listen to that most recent episode of Airplane Geeks, you’ll hear someone promoting himself much more than I ever could. Brett Snyder, AKA the Cranky Flier, did a way better job of promoting himself than I ever have. Of course, he did have a pretty cool new service as a topic this week, something that really helps.

Brett is now offering the Cranky Concierge which he told us allows anyone ” … to have their own real-live airplane dork to solve all of their air travel problems.” These would include flight planning, flight monitoring, delay and cancellation service and – my favorite – post-trip dispute assistance. The service went live just last week. One comment I saw … “Cranky has always been our go-to guy for advice on how to travel.” Nice endorsement. Wonder if United is listening?

So here’s the deal. I’ll go back and work on my jokes and you go check out Cranky’s new business.

And then, of course, be sure and visit iTunes and subscribe to The Airplane Geeks where a bunch of cool guys hang out each week and talk about everything aviation. We have Cranky on that one … at least for now.

BTW, if you’re wondering why The Airplane Geeks hosts are all men, the answer is simple. No women have applied for the job … yet.


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3 Responses to “Why Being Geeky is Cool”

  1. Benet Wilson Says:

    Uh, Rob, your statement: “BTW, if youre wondering why The Airplane Geeks hosts are all men, the answer is simple. No women have applied for the job yet” is not true. I am a woman (at least my parents put that on the birth certificate) and I DID apply for the job, right after you and Dan came aboard. As the Aviation Queen, I always stand ready to bring my woman’s geeky view of aviation. Thank you.

  2. Max Flight Says:

    Benet: If some misfortune should befall Rob and he is unable to perform his Airplane Geeks Podcast co-hosting responsibilities, I’ll call you first. I’m just saying…

  3. Robert Mark Says:

    Great … thanks Max. I’m sure gonna be hanging out alone with Benet’ from now on … wrong!

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