Veteran’s Day Reflection: Is it Time to Bring Back the Military Draft?

By Scott Spangler on November 14th, 2022

Combine the historically low unemployment rate with decades of conflicts that citizens cannot remember, enumerate, explain, or even acknowledge knowing about them in the first place, and it should be no surprise that volunteers are ignoring the US armed forces help wanted pleas. Exacerbating the problem is that this potential military labor pool shrinks even further when you realize how few can pass the physical because of obesity and related health problems. The solution seems clear: Reinstitute the draft lottery for men and women with no deferments for anyone. The benefits of such a move, as history shows, go well beyond the military’s personnel needs.

In the last draft this country ever held I won the lottery with a low number, well below the increment of who would receive a letter of greetings from the commander in chief. Like thousands of others who faced the lottery during the 1960s and early 1970s, I had three choices, wait for my draft notice to arrive, hightail it for Canada, or enlist in another service, and I chose the Navy. What united me with everyone else who faced the lottery is that one way or another, we all had our skin in the game. What conflicts our elected officials got the country into mattered because we would be the ones who paid the price for facing the indicated foe.

When an all-volunteer force fights for America, other than the families of those who serve, its citizens have no skin in the game. Their only contribution is patronizing anyone who has served in any branch of the armed forces with the perceived patriotism of “Thank you for your service,” the banal equivalent of “Have a nice day.” How would such citizens feel about such service, and the conflicts their chosen elected officials pursued, if there was a chance that, without exception or excuse, their sons and daughters might be the ones paying the ultimate price. Maybe then they would be a bit more discerning in their electoral selections and more determined in holding their choices to account for their decisions on our behalf. – Scott Spangler, Editor


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One Response to “Veteran’s Day Reflection: Is it Time to Bring Back the Military Draft?”

  1. Shelton Rick Says:

    I’m all for reinstating the draft. I joined the US Army in 1966 and had my choice of military occupational specialty, rather than be drafted into the Infantry; a move that certainly increased my chances of survival should I have to serve in Vietnam, which is exactly what happened. After 3 years in the Army, my Commanding Officer guaranteed that if I re-enlisted I would definitely be sent back to Vietnam for a second tour. Well, no thanks, I’ll return to civilian life and go to college, using my well earned military benefits. My point is, today’s Army, and other branches of the military, are being deployed multiple times into war zones. One tour of duty in a war zone is enough for any man or woman ! Wonder why the suicide rate is so high ? Go into a war zone 2,3,4 times….because you’re needed there. All you get is a monetary reward and maybe a promotion. I love my country, as most military members do….but for God sake, let the burden of war be shared by OTHER men and women, not just those of us who have the patriotic duty to serve our nation. Our society at large has gone to hell in a hand basket …. Get these unemployed, lost in the wilderness people in uniform. Let them learn what the American flag is REALLY about. Let them earn the privilege of serving our nation, and they will forever be good, productive members of the civilian population when they end their military service. YES, bring the draft back ! Make it 2 years of mandatory service, right out of high school or college, when men and women are the most trainable and available.

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