Required Reading: 2024 EAA AirVenture Oshkosh Notice

By Scott Spangler on May 27th, 2024

To get a good camping spot on the grounds of Wittman Regional Airport (OSH), many pilots head to Oshkosh, Wisconsin, for an early ETA at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh, which this year runs from July 22-28. But if you plan to transit Milwaukee’s airspace, take the long way round because there will be a TFR over the city, which is hosting the 2024 Republican National Convention from July 15-18.

And that is not the only change itemized in the 32-page FAA Notice, the required reading for anyone flying to AirVenture Oshkosh. This year’s special flight procedures go into effect at 1200 CDT on July 18, the last day of the MKE TFR. They expire at 1200 CDT on July 29. As in previous years, there is a daily operational curfew during the show; this year OSH is closed to all arriving aircraft from 2000 CDT to 0700 CDT—EXCEPT THURSDAY, JULY 25. To help ATC manage the typically large number of midweek departures on Thursday morning, there will be no FISK arrivals before 0800 CDT.

Speaking of FISK, it has a new holding procedure (see AV Notice Page 9). Fisk controllers will advise pilots when holding is necessary on 120.9. When needed, controllers will instruct aircraft over Fisk to turn due westbound, remain single file north of the lakes, and return to the ATC designated starting point to begin the procedure again. (See map on page 5.) Inaugurated last year to ease holding and congestion for aircraft approaching Oshkosh from the west, the ATC-assignable transition points will again be in effect in 2024. These points are at Endeavor Bridge, Puckaway Lake, and Green Lake. ATC will announce their activation on the arrival ATIS.

As always, given the popularity of AirVenture and the unpredictability of Wisconsin weather, pilots should have a series of alternate airports planned for their adventure so they will waste no time in escaping from Mother Nature or no more open spaces in AirVenture’s aircraft parking acreage. (And don’t forget to print and pack the sign for your intended parking or camping area.)

These are just the highlighted AirVenture procedures that have changed from last year. Download your 2024 AirVenture Notice now and start planning your trip. It will be here before you know it. – Scott Spangler, Editor


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