FAA’s Blakey Takes a Swipe at George Bush

By Robert Mark on July 30th, 2007

In a recent speech before a large group of teachers from around the nation, FAA Administrator Marion Blakey was waxing poetic about the importance of building solid educational foundations for our kids, a topic I actually she and I happen to agree.

During the talk Blakey looked back on some of her experiences as administrator now that her five-year term is drawing to a close.

“I’ve been called upon to settle arguments about the number of planes that can fly into O’Hare, the place where on-time schedules go to die,” she said. “I’ve had a continuing education on labor relations. And as Administrator, I’ve learned that signing international safety agreements sometimes requires you to ride a skiff, on the Amazon, in a rainstorm; and sometimes, sometimes well, the motor dies.”

And then, almost without a breath, Blakey added her thoughts about Yale-educated George Bush’s command of English. “And your ship’s captain — well, let’s just say that English isn’t his strong suit.”

Was this tongue in cheek? I don’t know Blakey well enough to say. Was it a final tink on the nose to the Commander-in-Chief for what she’s been dealing with the past five years? Possibly.

I was actually just happy that a senior Washington staffer finally admitted that Mr. Bush has never been able to use that Yale education of his for much of anything positive.

And people thought Marion Blakey had no sense of humor.

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3 Responses to “FAA’s Blakey Takes a Swipe at George Bush”

  1. Garry Conn Says:

    You know… YouTube has a huge archive of speeches and bloopers from President Bush… there is one video that caught him picking his nose at a baseball game. Now, I can tell which videos have been edited and which haven’t… there are tons of real videos of him doing something, ah’… stupid.

    Sorry, not trying to step on any toes. But I voted for Bush, and I am very disappointed. There is a whole list of things I have rants about… but I just keep em’ to myself. Talking about politics on the Internet can be explosive, so I tend to avoid it.

  2. Robert Mark Says:

    Where, where … I didn’t see anything political here!

  3. Retired_ATC Says:

    Too bad when on that skiff in the middle of a rainstorm she didn’t fall overboard and drown. Not that I’m bitter and resentful that this bi**h ruined the best ATC system in the world, lied to Congress, screwed her employees, and will probably get financially rewarded when she leaves public office. The men and women of the FAA have had their careers ruined, families torn apart, and will have to deal with the mess for years to come.

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