Good Bye Marion

By Robert Mark on September 17th, 2007

Just before FAA administrator turned off the lights to her office at 800 Independence Avenue last week, USA Today ran a story about a possible conflict of interest between Blakey, the FAA and the fat $1.8 billion contract awarded AIA member company ITT for the ADS-B project.

This is a story we’d been talking about for a few weeks here at Jetwhine as well.

Blakey takes over as CEO of the Aerospace Industries Association in November and said she was shocked … shocked at accusations of impropriety.

More surprising than anything else were Blakey’s parting comments to the airline industry in her last public appearance as administrator.

She said the airlines are to blame for most of their own delays because of their sorry flight scheduling regime.

Was she setting the stage for a new administrator who may not be quite as warm and cozy with ATA members? Or is there actually a soft spot in Marion’s heart for the truth?

Ah … we can only hope.


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2 Responses to “Good Bye Marion”

  1. Dale Kettring Says:

    I was a Systems Specialist for the FAA, and being a casualty of Marion’s Minions (I retired about 5 years earlier than I really wanted), I am glad to see her leave in any way.

    Though I, too, think that her association with AIA stinks of impropriety, I don’t see anything being done about it. After all, enforcement of the law is an Executive Branch responsibility, and I don’t expect they will be anymore interested in pursuing this issue than they were firing Mr. Gonzolez.

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