Cessna’s Tom Aniello Talks Wide-Body Details

By Robert Mark on February 6th, 2008

If you’ve been a regular Jetwhine reader, you know we seldom cover breaking news.

Today is an exception for a number of reasons.

Imacon Color Scanner   Just a few minutes after Cessna’s vice president of marketing Tom Aniello briefed his sales force with the just released details of the new Cessna Wide Body business aircraft – the Columbus – Addison Schonland from IAG and I spoke to Tom about the excitement surrounding the airplane. My guess is pilots and passengers are going to love this one. Cessna is happy to have one more member of the family too I’ll bet.

The second reason we’re really excited here in Chicago is that this represents another new podcast from Jetwhine. Here’s our podcast of the Cessna interview.

Cessna also went live today with details of the Columbus on the Cessna.com web site.

Watch out airlines. Here comes another competitor.

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