When an Aviation Expert is Needed, Mr. Know-It-All Responds

By Robert Mark on October 29th, 2008

Mr. Know it allHasn’t this just been an awful month or so, I mean what with the roller coaster ride of the economy, thousands of people loosing their jobs, not to mention the stress of trying to figure out who will lead the United States for the next four years. It’s enough to make even a normal person squirrely. Luckily for Jetwhine readers, there is always that voice of reason and authority who is able to jump in on a moment’s notice to save the day.

So without further introduction, here’s my alter-ego, Mr. Know-It-All …

Greetings aviation buffs. Mr. Know-It-All here. At a time when most of you are trying to figure out whether you can still afford to drive that Porsche in your garage – I prefer a Schwinn myself – you’re probably realizing too that it’s time to make your brain work at something a bit less anxiety producing.

So here goes.

Tell us what either of these two aircraft are and you’ll win accolades from your friends here at Jetwhine. You’re winning are sure to help you find that next aviator’s job as well.

Photo one … Jetwhine photo 2


Photo two … Jetwhine photo 1 

And just in case you’re wondering about whether you need any luck to succeed as an aviator, take a look at this guy landing his airplane after the wing folded. Sure scared me, but then my best friend is a flying squirrel. Tell me … was it real or Memorex?

Ta, ta for now!


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8 Responses to “When an Aviation Expert is Needed, Mr. Know-It-All Responds”

  1. Peter Moll Says:

    Photo 1 is the Boeing Model 294 (B-15 or C-105). Photo 2 is the Curtiss C-76.

  2. Peter Moll Says:

    OOps…reverse that response. The Curtiss is Photo 1

  3. Matt Thomas Says:

    The video is impressive, but it’s not real…it is a video created by the KillaThrill sports apparel company. They’re hoping the video goes viral.

  4. Robert Mark Says:

    Peter … you are one smart dude. No sense in saying anything else. You are indeed our scholar for the day … or maybe the week.

    You have to promise to sit on your hands the next time I post one of these.


  5. Robert Mark Says:

    Matt … that video was real. I know … it was on the Internet after all!

  6. Brian Lusk Says:

    The Curtiss C-76 looks like a deHaviland Mosquito on steroids.

  7. Terry Sullivan Says:

    First pic is indeed a c-76 built of “non strategic material” [read plywood].

    Second pic is XB-15 spec built to be able to bomb Germany from continental US after England fell on reccommendation of Charles Lindberg after he toured Germany before the war.

  8. Jamo Says:

    That video is fake, but somewhere you can find a real one, I swear that the guy landed his plane with one wing, except…..it was RC….. Also there is cool video about an Israel pilot who lands his f-15 with one wing.

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