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By Robert Mark on July 12th, 2010

APG Each year since 2006 as AirVenture approaches, I take a minute to look back on the new friends I’ve made through our social media contacts on Twitter as well as here at Jetwhine. The blog is almost four years old, while my “Jetwhine” Twitter account was opened just before AirVenture 2008.

If I look back on any of the new relationships with a bit of extra fondness though, it would be the meet up I’ve had with the Airplane Geeks. I’ve been a closet radio guy all my life, so connecting with people all over the globe each week means something pretty special to me. My thanks to my other Geek buddies, Max, David, Dan here in the states and those two loonies Grant and Steve in the outback down under.

One thing we’ve noticed at the Geeks recently is a real rise in the amount of listener mail, as well as the downloads which of course tells us we must be on the right track.  People approaching us to be see if they can be a guest on the show also means a tip of the hat to my comrades for their hard work.

AirVenture 2010 – Your Big Chance

With this year’s big show approaching yet again in beautiful downtown Oshkosh, Jetwhine and the Airplane Geeks are joining forces for the first time. On July 27th at 4 PM, I’ll be at Pavilion #6 just north of the control tower for a session on the practical aspects of social media in aviation.

I’ll be joined by my co-conspirator at Jetwhine Scott Spangler, as well as my fellow Airplane Geek Dan Webb. Our able co-presenter will be Jon Ostrower known to the rest of the world as the Flight Blogger, the first guy I every watched shoot video, edit and post to stories to his blog right from an iPhone. I’m still learning video editing myself.WhinerButtonMask100p

Sure we’re going to talk about social media 201 – how to use social media to solve real-world aviation problems – but we’re also going to be offering some lucky visitor a chance to turn all geeky on us … at least for a day.

Everyone who joins us at our AirVenture session on the 27th at 4 PM will have an opportunity to tell us in their own words why THEY should be a guest on the Airplane Geeks. We’ll have a recorder on hand to record every single word, so the Geeks who can’t make it to Oshkosh will have the chance to weigh in before we select a winner.

Dan Webb says we might even have time for a little bit of Airplane Geeks “Jetpardy,” so be prepared.

Only one Airplane Geek guest entry per person so practice your sales pitch before you arrive. If you’d rather read your pitch from your own cue card or cheat sheet, that will be perfectly acceptable.

So mark your calendar for July 27th – two weeks from tomorrow – and join the Jetwhine/Airplane Geeks/Flight Blogger pack at pavilion #6 at 4 PM and you just might be our next guest on the Airplane Geeks.

PS – Even if you don’t want to enter to be a Geek Guest, stop by and say hi. We’ll be giving away those valuable Jetwhine buttons, and some Airplane Geeks T-shirts.

Rob Mark, editor


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3 Responses to “Become an Airplane Geek for a Day”

  1. Jeff "Scofreyjet" Ward Says:

    Sorry I won’t be there until Wednesday. Hope to see you all later in the week. Rob still owes me a button! (“I went to AOPA Summit, and all I got was this JetWhine business card!”)

  2. Robert Mark Says:

    You didn’t get a button? Find me at the show and I’ll make sure you do. E-mail me your cell number and I’ll ring you.

  3. Let’s Discuss the Future of Flight Training - Jetwhine: Aviation Buzz and Bold Opinion Says:

    […] if you are around AirVenture the previous afternoon, let me reiterate Robs invitation to Become an Airplane Geek for a Day. Ill be with the geeks at Forum # 6 on Tuesday, July 27, starting at 1600. I hope to see you […]

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