Where is the Best Aviation Blog?

By Robert Mark on June 19th, 2008

As much as stay awake at night wondering how many people around the globe are clicking through the stories here at Jetwhine, I know we are only one small fish in the sea of people who think they know just about everything when it comes to air travel.

So as a public service – and because the curiosity is simply keeping me awake at night – I hope you’ll tell us here at Jetwhine what other aviation blogs you read and why. They might be about air travel, or ATC, or airline flying or learning to fly. Your choice.

Why Bother?

Seriously, blogging is all about sharing the conversation with others. If you check out our blogroll here on the right, you’ll find some of the blogs I read.

What about you? Let’s gather them up and I’ll post a final list before the blogger-fest at AirVenture next month.


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34 Responses to “Where is the Best Aviation Blog?”

  1. Geoff Arnold Says:

    These are the aviation-related feeds that I subscribe to:

    Blogging at FL250
    http://fl250.blogspot.com/atom.xml http://fl250.blogspot.com/

  2. Mal Gormley Says:

    Where is the Best Aviation Blog? Right here, pal. Believe it or not, yours is the only one I read.

  3. Robert Mark Says:

    Oh Mal … the cash will be in the mail. Seriously, you’re comments are very much appreciated.


  4. Velvet Elvis Says:

    Blogs about ATC:


  5. Ryan Keough Says:

    Here’s an aviation-related blog for you… but the subject is a bit on the fringe of most aviation interests…


    Then the other I contribute is http://www.warbirds-online.org

    And a great airshow news blog:

  6. Jess Sightler Says:

    http://www.plasticpilot.net/ is pretty high on my reading list. There are a pile of other individual pilots that I follow as well, though.

    http://www.2flytv.com/ – Doesn’t post that often, but often interesting
    http://www.askacfi.com/ – Lots of useful information
    http://winging-it.blogspot.com/ – This is a fairly new pilot that is now getting into gliders.

  7. Paul Says:

    Shameless self promotion here, but I like reading my blog. Still trying to make it on Jetwhine’s blogroll. Something to work towards I guess!

  8. Robert Mark Says:

    You read your own blog? Now there’s a concept. I have to try that. Did I ask any of you if you’ll be able to join us at Oshkosh this year?


  9. Paul Says:

    I’m hoping I’ll be up there! You guys are meeting on the 28th right?

  10. Jess Sightler Says:

    Does wishing we’d be able to join you there count? :) Maybe someday I’ll make it to Airventure…

  11. Geoff Arnold Says:

    (Please delete my earlier comments – I guess OPML doesn’t work in WordPress, which I should have known.]

    Here’s my list. A mixture of pilots, ATC, aviation business, and passenger opinions. My favorite is probably Flight Level 390; the photography is gorgeous.

    Blogging at FL250
    Evolution of Security
    Flight Level 390
    Get the Flick”
    Jet Lagged
    NAS confusion
    Readback Correct
    The Cranky Flier
    The FAA Follies
    The Potomac Current and Undertow
    Towers and Tarmacs
    Vanity Fair Musings

  12. Robert Mark Says:

    Yup … July 28, 4 PM at the GAMA building.

  13. Steve Says:

    Here’s a few of my favs:

    Cockpit Conversations

    I’ll Be the Pilot

    Philip Greenspun

  14. Moe Zurgerburger Says:



  15. Jeffrey Sigmon Says:

    The Cranky Flyer
    Evan Sparks
    Jet Whine
    Digital Aviator
    Nuts About SWA

  16. Eric Says:

    I like Jetwhine.com myself!


  17. Shashank Nigam Says:

    SimpliFlying.com. A blog offering refreshing insights into airline branding and how it affects customers.

  18. Todd Says:

    I have recently really enjoyed following Evan (http://www.theflyingtoga.com) and Dan (http://www.pilottimes.com/) in their quests to learn to fly. If you are an aspiring pilot you will enjoy their blogs.

    I am looking forward to the blogger session at Oshkosh!

  19. Brian Lusk Says:

    Jeffrey Sigmon is a wise and articulate man!

  20. Robert Mark Says:

    Wise and articulate. Boy Jeffrey … I hope you appreciate those comments.

    Maybe I should stop wearing that little blow-up Southwest Airlines airplane on my head. I’d settle for just the articulate part Brian.

  21. Best of the aviation web - 28 June 08 Says:

    […] Jetwhine asking where is the best aviation blog If you like to read aviation blog (apparently you do…) you probably know Jetwhine. They recently asked where is the best aviation blog, so many readers submitted their favorite blogs, thus creating a wonderful directory. Special thanks to Jess Sightler, who kindly submitted PlasticPilot.net. […]

  22. Sylvia Says:

    I saw this via Plastic Pilot :)

    Some of my other favourite blogs:

    Cockpit Conversation at http://airplanepilot.blogspot.com/
    Yellowbird at http://n34774.blogspot.com/
    Sulako at http://sulako.blogspot.com/

    I also enjoy Gadling for Kent Wien’s blog but you can’t subscribe to his updates alone as far as I can see. http://www.gadling.com/

    Mine’s a bit more chatty I think – but you are welcome to pop by and say hello! http://www.fearoflanding.com/

  23. Sylvia Says:

    Hmmm, I posted a bunch of links and have a nasty feeling that I might have ended up in your spam filter!

  24. Andrew Schmertz Says:

    Thank you for the mention for our blog!

    I check out jetwhine.com every day– and it should be at the top of any pilots list of reading.

    If I make it to OSH, hope to see all of you


  25. BA038 Says:

    http://ba038.terapad.com/ – thought you may be interested

  26. Court Says:

    Just wanted to throw in a couple that don’t seem to have shown up yet.

    http://blog.airlineempires.net – Tend to have a lot of interesting pictures.

    http://www.airplanegeeks.com – Finally, a podcast focused on the aviation industry as a whole. More of a business and technical look.

  27. Jack Harris Says:

    I like to read the PilotBug blog. He has some interesting topics and in depth analysis.

  28. Dave B Says:

    I dedicate a lot of my free time to help struggling aviators like myself. Join us!!


    Aviators fight for freedom!!

    Not sure if my first post went to spam.

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  31. peace68 Says:

    I am interested in aviation safety.

  32. Boeing 737 parts Says:

    Thirty Thousand Feet blog site and Aviationweek blog site are good aviation blog sites

  33. av8erPrince Says:

    http://iflyasa.com – general aviation and flight training related blog and
    http://cfiacademy.com – CFI Training blog

  34. Smitty Says:

    Thanks for posting this info! Very helpful!

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